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Your bathroom isn’t just a place to refresh yourself, but an integral part of your home.  From everyday personal hygiene to the occasional guest, you want a washroom that’s inviting, practical and adds both aesthetic and economic value to your living space.  If you’ve been considering a remodel, now may be the perfect time create a space that suits your tastes as a homeowner.

Tom Joseph - Bathroom Remodeling

Tom Joseph Bathroom Remodeling Can Make Your Life Easier

Not every person has the time or means to become a DIY expert.  All projects require research, tools, and hard work to achieve professional results and that’s where Tom Joseph Bathroom Remodeling can make your life easier.  From something as simple as replacing a vanity to converting your entire bathroom into a luxury spa that would make Hollywood jealous, TJR can help you achieve your dream look.

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Our fully licensed and trained professionals will meet you onsite for a free consultation. Once you’re satisfied with the scope and budget of the project, we’ll draw up a professional design so you can visualize the colors, themes, coordination, etc. you have chosen. With a thorough inspection of the workspace, our planners will alert the our team to any potential mold or other safety hazards that need to be taken care of before construction begins.

Aside from minor installations and full custom bathroom renovations, we also cater to the needs of our disabled or elderly clients as well. We can do full ADA compliant retrofits so that you and your loved ones have complete mobility throughout your bathroom.

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All Tom Joseph Home Remodeling is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their vision of the perfect home. With thoroughly trained and experienced contractors and using the best materials, we can tackle any project, big or small, while keeping you updated with the work progress through its completion and your satisfaction.